DIY Solar Water Heater

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Construct the frame. Pre-Drill the ends of lumber and attach the 4 pieces to make a square.

Step 5: 

Center them onto the bigger sheet of plywood and attach.

Step 6:


Lay the copper tube piece into the frame.  Drill a 1/2" hole where the tube meets the frame.

Step 7:


Insert the cooper into the frame.

Step 8:


Nail cut dowels into frame 1/2 inch down to create a frame for the glass.  Make sure you pre-drill the holes to prevent splitting.

Step 9:

Spray paint the copper and inside of the frame black.

Step 10: 

Attach coupling and swivel to pipe.

Step 11: 

Lay glass in the frame... badda-bing-badda-boom!

This frame was able to maintain a temperature of 165 degrees.

Watch this video for more detailed instructions.


Source: desertsun02

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