DIY Wine Bottle Torch

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If you are anything like me, you are a mosquito magnet.  There literally could be one mosquito in a group of 100 people and the mosquito will bite me 32 times and then die before it bites anyone else...So I am always on the hunt for citronella products and hate having to spend so much money on them.  So when I came this little DIY project I was stoked!  Using things I have at the house or can buy bulk for cheap, I can make a ton of these... and they work!

Here's what you need:
Empty wine or beer bottles
Tiki replacement wicks (thick cotton rope also works well)
Citronella torch fuel
Brass coupling- 1/2" - 3/4"
Rope or twine (optional)
Wood glue

Instructions are easy enough:

Clean your glass bottle of any label or sticker.  Use a sponge to make sure all the glue is off.

Optional: Decorate bottle by wrapping rope or twine around the bottle, securing as you go with wood glue.

Fill the bottom with pebbles or marbles so you don't have to use as much fuel.


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