A Colorful Pedal-Powered Folding Wall (Video) by Farwaste

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From sharpening knives to blending smoothies, the potential of pedal power seems virtually endless. Italian design studio Farwaste has combined the wonders of the bicycle with upcycling in B*wall, a project that transforms old objects that have reached the end of their lifecycle into a beautiful and functional installation.

Powered by a stationary bicycle, the B*wall uses a series of pulleys and cables to open and close a folding partition wall for the multipurpose events room at Laboratori di Via Baltea 3 in Turin, Italy. Recycled materials used include: 90 square meters of carpet left behind after the 2014 International Book Fair of Turin; 70 square meters of honeycomb cardboard originally used as packaging for print materials; and unused bicycle components.

+ Farwaste / via Inhabitat

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