How to Build A Goat House Out of Scrap Wood

Categories: DIY, Homesteading

There are always to do lists when living off the grid.  Here, we came across a how to build your own goat house from old pallets and scrap wood laying around the homestead.  

First order of business is rounding up enough wood to build your walls and wood.  He was able to collect these from a local store that were getting rid of them.

The back of this goat house doubles as a wood shed, so not only is it multipurpose, but it keeps the goats warm as well.

Attach the pallets together using screws and then a 2x4 in the cross sections to keep them together.  Don't necessarily worry about squaring them off right now, just get up the walls.

Currently the walls are just 8 foot panels.  Go to your scrap pile and grab a 2x6 to tie the two walls together as well as setting your distance of the walls.

From there, its time to start to stabilize your structure and put on your roof.  

He raised the pitch of his roof by adding a 2x10 to one side of the structure.  Then begin to lay your rafter every 18 inches or so.

After securing your rafter you can lay your pallets on the roof.

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