Gravity Fed Water System Can Be Easy & Affordable! See how...

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There are so many different components to living off grid that have to be taken care of before you can put your feet up. (actually can you ever put your feet up?) One of the major ones is a sustainable water system.  There are many different routes you can go when coming up with your own system, but if you are on the hunt, take look at this one.  You won't be disappointed...

Before they decided on their system, they did there research and came up with a list and pros and cons for each one.

Rain Barrels: Usually, nothing can beat the price per gallon of rain water, which is why the rain barrel catchment system is appealing to so many.  And they are usually easy to fine.  But, if you live in a windy area or cold climate, the amount of money and time that would have to be put into making a roof system for collection and burrying the barrels is out of the question.  So, no to rain barrels.

Digging A Well:  While wells are one of the most popular and desired options, they can be extremely expensive and you are never guaranteed that you will strike water.  Make sure to do you research on your region's water table and then check all your options.

Water Cisterns:  These are great for those in homesteading because it can provide many months of water with one fill up.  They can be used while a well is being dug and even after the well is up and running they can be used to lessen the stress on the pump.

There are two primary types of cisterns, above ground and below ground.  The above ground cisterns are smaller and portable.  They are cheaper since they plastic is thinner.  Below ground cisterns work well in colder climates because they can be buried below the frost line and won't freeze.  Although more expensive, worth it.

When deciding on which system we wanted, we first identified what our needs for the water were.  A few were: fire fighting, water the garden, filling and keeping the hot tub, food preservation and cleanup, mixing concrete, to name a few.  The need to upgrade our system was great.

Our final decision was a gravity fed cistern water system.

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