Amazing Homemade Woodworking Machines No Electricity Required (Video)

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Let's face it: Woodworking isn't cheap. Wood and materials alone can cost a small fortune. And well-designed commercial woodworking machines are often so expensive that they are beyond the reach of many home woodworkers. So what's a woodworker to do? Do what Stumpy Nubs does and build your own!

Just take a look at this video, his entire shop does not use any electricity, everything has been adapted or attached to bicycles, and powered by his own legs.

You might find this website a great resource of information

If you are interested, there are a bunch of books on Amazon that you can look into...

Making and Modifying Machines

Make your own Treadle Leith: Black & White edition

40 Poweretools You Can Make Yourself 

Fine Woodworking on Woodworking Machines: 40 Articles Selected by the Editors of Fine Woodworking Magazine

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