How to Make Water Glass/Sodium Silicate. A High temperature Adhesive

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Used for rocket stoves, forges and ovens. 

The Rocket Stove Drying

Sodium silicate is an amazing chemical that is easy and cheap to make but very expensive to buy.

It is used to make anything that needs to be held together under extreme temperatures. This is one of my most popular videos because I demonstrate just how easy it is to make. In later videos I go on to make a rocket stove. I will be making a mini rocket stove and a few other things. If you are interested then make sure you subscribe.

 Mixing in the readily available chemicals

I think the thing that shocks people most about this chemical is not only how many potential off grid applications are made easier by it but the abundance of the two chemicals that combine to make it.  

Pouring off the sodium silicate

Anyway Below is the video on how to make it.  

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