Build A Log Cabin For Only $16,350 With This DIY Kit

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Do you dream of having your own beautiful, well-built, energy efficient cabin in the woods, by a lake or river, or in a wide open pasture?

The Amish are known for many things: cinnamon rolls, bread, rocking chairs, sheds, and so much more.  And this company is very quickly rising to the top of the list!

The Amish Cabin Company out of Kentucky specializes in prefab log cabin homes and log cabin kits.  A DIY kit can cost you around $16,350 and make it possible for the budget minded builders to own their own beautiful home.

The log cabin kits contain all the unassembled components that are necessary for the project. These materials often include easy to understand instructions, a foundation plan, wood, screws, caulking, windows, metal roofing, railings, doors, exterior stain and more.  The cabin kits leave plenty of room for personalization; home decor, furniture and landscaping are entirely up to the builder.

Source: amishcabincompany

If you don't want to build your own, there cabin can be pre-built.  This option is built in their off-grid location, loaded on a truck, and delivered to your property.  Additional cabin add-ons available for purchase often include solar power, additional storage space, heating installation, extra bathrooms, functional dormers and more.

Source: Wide Open Country

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