Man Cave Ideas - 19 DIY Decor and Furniture Projects

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10. Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

What makes a beer bottle opener worth using? Not having to bend over when the sucker flies off into oblivion. Avoid the nuisance of having to do something so rudimentary by snatching one of these sick gadgets.

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11. DIY Wood Pallet Arrow

Okay so this is pretty dope. Ignore the photo frames around it. We’re thinking you should probably paint it red and make a sign that says, “GET OUT –  AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YA…” You know the rest. Check out how it’s made here.  

12. Man Cave Barbecue Made Out Of A Car

Turn your old car into a barbecue. Make sure to remove the engine before attempting this at home, kids. 

13. Create A Tiled Floor Using Pennies

via reddit Now you can make the most the most non-expensive floor you’ve ever walked on. Seriously, it would probably cost you… uh, pennies. 

14. DIY Bar Made Out Of Shipping Pallets

Make this awesome bar to impress your friends. All you need is some old wood you via pinterest 

15. DIY Corona Drinking Glasses

via These drinking glasses totally rule. All you need is some acetone and string, or a bottle cutter and you can make awesome DIY glasses out of any liquor bottle you like.

16. Make A Balanced Book Shelf

via manmadediy Take a huge weight off your shoulders with this awesome book balancing act. Impress your friends with science.  

17. How to Turn Suitcases into Wall Shelving

All you need to do is grab a chainsaw and just get to it. Kidding. But how killer are these suitcase shelves? Such an awesome addition to a man cave. Further instructions on how to make them below. via manmadediy 

18. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

via Bohemian Workbench Get a sick Nintendo table for a mere $3500 dollars. No big deal.   

19. Make A Vintage Ice Chest From Wood Pallets

Make a pretty awesome vintage ice chest out of free wooden pallets. What’s better than free? Talk about cooler envy.   

Thanks for checking out our post on Man Cave Ideas. Have you made some pretty noteworthy man caves? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. We want to hear from you!


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