Check Out My Mini Portable Cookhouse Made From Scratch

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Imagination was my biggest concern.
Here is a more detailed description of my project:
To start I have to say tha I am a member of a team called SIMSON of oltimers (mainly SR1 / SR2). And in this occasion we took this trailer to re-build. The starting point was the kettle, a food bucket, just like in the times of the German Democratic Republic GDR. Back in those days this Cooker were used everywhere in NVA and kindergartens / schools in action. Parts had to be scavenged for, because I santed to make it mobil.
The rest was six months of hard thinking and build up. We tested the unit in May 2008, the first test drive was carried out . The result was the "Moped Feldküche FK25" 
Features: -25 liter boiling pan with gasoline carburetor burner -Stauraum for accessories and cooker + 4-piece cookware set -3 liters hot water with soap dispenser -diverses accessories for instant meals of about 40 man
The rear view has been revised somewhat and with 2 bottles converted Of course, everything is fully functional and StVZO compliant ... ... and has been actively used in practice, here at a SR meeting. As far as my first design to. I am, of course, for further questions, suggestions, opinions happy to help! Finally again with tractor: SIMSON SR2, built in 1959, restored in 2006:

The rest was half a year of thinking and building. 

Presenting the "Moped-Feldküche FK25"
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