One Man Turns Garbage Into Unimaginable Treasures

Categories: DIY

“Troels The Troll” is a recycle sculpture, Thomas Dambo made for the city of Horsens as part of their “Feel Horsens” campaign, to renew the city in an artistic and playful way.

Troels is named after Thomas’ assistant, and is a 5 meters tall troll holding a swing for the local kids to use.

Besides from an engineered rafter inside of the troll, to hold the swing, the whole sculpture is made from scrapwood retrieved from local businesses Stark and Aage Oestergaard. Troels’ “hair” is made out of plants from a local park, and planted in urban gardening tanks developed byTagtomat.

To build the sculpture Thomas Dambo got help from the local craftmanship school, Learnmark who supplied with three students in carpenting.

The venture of going to find adequate hair

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