The $12.00 Rocket Stove - A Bit Of Functional Creativity

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Have you ever heard of the latest trend in self sufficient living called a rocket stove? Well if you haven't already, it's quite amazing, and if you have...

Here's a tutorial to show you how to make a rocket stove from a five gallon metal bucket. Usually stoves are made in a way that the chimney column rises towards the sky, so that the smoke can follow along and escape. While that has been common practice for most designs, now there's a new method of creating stoves to have horizontal chimneys instead. The reason for this change is because it actually saves a lot of energy, and ends up requiring less wood to create the same amount of heat. This design is something that is a great resource for third world countries where cooking food can be difficult, and it saves needing to gather a lot of wood.  When scaled up to what is called a "Rocket Mass Heater," is a great method to heat a home.  

There are a lot of tutorials that are popping up on the internet, and I'm sure they will continue to funnel in as more and more people discover just how useful a design this rocket stove is. This particular video explores a step by step method, and walks you through the instructions with diagrams and simple explanations. It's a great design, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years as commercial versions popping up online. 

Now here's the simplest design I've seen:  The $12 version with video tutorial.  Check it out:  


And now for a fire test:  Boil Water

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