The Czech Grandma Who Paints Her Village

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The old lady Anežka Kašpárková will soon be celebrating her eighties!. She cannot imagine life without work.  She paints now, and has worked in agriculture in the past. This is the thirtieth year of her village painting project. She painted inside and outside the 18th century chapel (and bell tower). She always uses the ultramarine blue, as “The color looks very expensive and good quality.” Decorations made ​​according to her imagination, and many resemble blossoming flowers, ”I create what I think off” grandma said.

“I like flowers grow,” said the happy grandma, smiling. People say she creates a work of art, but she just is having fun in her opinion.

“What am I an artist? – I just do what I like and want to help,” she says quietly.

So this is how our grandma is making her village more beautiful!


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