This Man Is A DIY Genius: He Managed To Turn His Bedroom Into Something Much More Amazing!

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Everyone needs more space at home, be it used as a home office, an extra bathroom, or a simple kids room. Well, this guy thought of using a 2-in-1 project and turn his bedroom into a very useful room, making sure every inch is used to the fullest, finally making this helluva room. Rest assured, if you’re out of space, you will most definitely love this project.

Here's what it looked like before he decided to take matter 'into his own hands'. Lots of unused space, a single bed, and a bunch of old pictures.

Here is the project on paper. See where the window is located? Wait 'till you see the final design.

First, he measured the needed dimensions of each wall and corner, then he made a wooden frame (base) upon which he would upgrade the whole project.

Placing these two metal holders on the walls is the first step, as you'll need a height indicator for the first floor.

This is the upper floor. Still haven't got a clue what it's all about, do you? Wooden beams are installed on a separate frame, to act as the main floor structure. Be careful though, it must be built with the same dimensions as the other frame.

Placing the base frame like this concludes phase one. Time to get dirty and make the floor.

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