Wind Turbine Blades From Old Pipes (Really Simple)

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Wind Turbine Blades From Old Pipes (Really Simple)

I have always wanted to make my own wind turbine from parts I could salvage from scrap. Even from early on in this project I couldn't find any turbine blades that were even near what I could afford. I searched all over the Internet and individual blades were £20-£30 ($26-$40), for my project I'd need 3 which was completely out of my price range. 

After a week of searching I made the decision to build my own. I went outside and looked through my bits and bobs to see what I had. There were plenty of different planks of wood and different lengths and diameters of pipe. I disregarded the wood as I have used wood to make a propeller in the past. It worked really well but was time consuming and I was sure that there was an easier way to do it. I made a video on how I made it and the link is: Plank into Propeller.

I would have to try and use the pipes. I figured they had the right type of curvature and if I could cut them correctly they would be a perfect material for wind turbine blades. 

I chose a waste pipe (unused) because the walls were thicker than a standard pipe and i figured that thicker is better in this case. I started off by cutting the pipe to the length I wanted my wind turbine blades and then drew a straight line from one end to the other.


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