Turn Junk Mail into Fuel!

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Turn Junk Mail into Fuel

"No more shredding documents, No more recycling junk mail, a place for old newspapers & egg cartons"

It's all fuel for your fire!


This is the second video I have done on making junk mail into fuel but this one is different in a number of ways. 

One of which is its in High Definition, the previous one was quite dark and poor quality. Also a lot of the content is different due to using different equipment. It is worth watching both videos as they contain different information and various tips and tricks.

This is such a simple process that it always shocks me that it isn't a thing that everyone does. I actually found myself signing up to random things online so I got more junk through the post.

A friend of mine went one step further and decided he would try and get enough junk through the post he would be able to use only home made fire bricks in his fire for one year. I was over joyed to find that he had succeeded and not only that had started to make another stock pile for next year.  

So to start with you need to gather up all your junk mail, old letters (even ones that would normally be shredded), old newspapers etc.

 This bag was just the letters we would have usually shredded.

Another thing we found that works really well is old egg cartons

If you have chickens then you will have a lot of old egg cartons 

Now you need to rip them all into strips. The smaller the strips the quicker they break down.

Once they are all ripped up you need to put them into a water tight container and add water.


If you have a dog then they can help...

That's the hard part over. You now have to leave it for about five days to break down. Mixing on a daily basis.

The next part of the process is a bit time consuming and should be done outside if possible otherwise in the shower works too.  

Now you have to strain off the water and fill what ever compression device you have available, whether it be one you have brought or one you have made (see video below).

on the left is the home made compression tool ideal for rocket stoves and in the middle is the commercially available one

This next part tales a little time and effort but the amount of fuel you can make is amazing.

Make sure you are comfortable (unlike I was here) and it can be quite a satisfying task almost like kneading bread 

From here you compress the paper into bricks or cylinders and that's it. Once they are dry they can be used. its a process you can do mostly on autopilot once you have done it a few times. I personally started off doing it in a small scale and now I make between 25-30 bricks & cylinders at a time. 

Here is a list of a few tips I have learnt whilst making these:  

  • If you plan on doing this on a regular basis make sure you stagger the making process so you always have some dry ones to burn while some others are drying.
  • The bigger you make the brick the longer it takes to dry.
  • The tighter you compress your brick the longer it will burn for.
  • Ask at local companies if you can have their shredded paper, this can increase the amounts of bricks you can make exponentially.
  • If you have a specific size/shape you need your bricks then experiment and make your own compression tool.
  • Get the kids involved. They love to rip up paper. We make it a race who can rip theirs first. It takes no time at all.
  • Have a bin/bag dedicated to just for the materials used to make fire bricks. When its full make another batch.
  • Cardboard boxes work really well as do cereal boxes.


The first video I did although its a poor quality recording has a number of tips and tricks which are worth while watching plus the added benefit of talking through how to make the first compression tool I made. It makes cylinders which are a perfect size for my homemade rocket stove (Link to rocket stove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ5-OUJwY40)

Making Fire Bricks Part 1: 

Making Fire Bricks Part 2: 


Making Fire Bricks HD Reshoot: 

 Thank you for watching/Reading. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments then please get in touch. There are loads of ways of sending us a message and all links are below:


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