Wood Fired Pizza Oven made over a gym ball using Vermiculite and cement mix (Video)

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Check out the step by step tutorial offered by William Stark and good luck with your build! So here are the parts of my build:

  1. Top Dome Mold/Cement
  2. Bottom Floor Mold/ Cement / Fire Bricks
  3. Finish Work / Detail work on Both Pieces
  4. Table stand / Pavers to sit on
  5. Put the Pieces together…

You”ll need:

  • Exercise ball
  • Perlite Cement
  • SS needles
  • Formica
  • Fire Bricks Pavers
  • Chimney
  • Plywood
  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Wrap

“I wanted to lay out the floor in a herringbone, so that way it would not catch any edges putting in or out pizzas. I wanted to start with 3 full sized pieces at the entrance. Peel can easily clear the first set. I didn’t want to have any crazy cuts but i ended up having 2. I have laid tile in the past so i did have a little experience here, but the great part is that you can basically lay the tile on top and make a few marks on the tile and do the cut.”

Took some additional photos that I thought were kind of important. The door opening is about 12.5 inches wide. I absolutely feel that is plenty.. like i had mentioned before, with 90 second cooking times one pizza at a time is perfect. 

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