Work Hard - Play Harder: How To Make A Ping Pong Work Bench

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These brothers are all about working hard and making it easier for those of us (with little building experience) feel like we can accomplish anything  They have a channel that is a DIY'ers best friend.  They show you how to build anything from a cooler table, to a cinder block bench.

But when it comes to "play time"... they show up big time!

They had this great idea to combine every mans garage necessity: A work bench and a ping pong table.  Why has no one thought of this before!

So check it out!

Initially, you need to take split your 4' x 8' into two pieces evenly.

From there you take to 2" x 4" and cut legs for your sawhorse.  Attach a sawhorse bracket to make your "legs".

Using a hinge to attach the two pieces of wood together left too much of a gap.  

So they ended up drilling holes into the end of each board and pushed in pegs to align the board together and keep them from sliding. 


From their it was onto the work bench.

A peg board was made so it could hook onto the back of the ping pong table.

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