10 Ocean Phenomenon You Won't Actually Believe Exist

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We have only just begun as a species this past twenty years or so, to embrace knowledge like never before from around our planet... most of it through television documentaries, the internet and online videos.  This vast knowledge base is being learned far faster by a young generation than was ever perceived, and most children who graduate high school, it is said, likely have more visual knowledge of our planet than most dying men.  The increased speed of learning has so surpassed textbook learning techniques that most teachers have allowed themselves to become obsolete in the classroom today.

Here below are some fun bits of oceanic amazement.  These bits of information will stick with you until one day you'll put a few of them together and say... "I know how we can solve this problem", or ... I know where there is energy to spare for this project, and you're newly found education will amaze you.  Don't think for a minute all this time staring at your phone is a waste.  We are citizens of a planet who have had the windows of knowledge from every nation in every language thrust open, and we are capturing it as fast as we can.  Our lifespans are but limited, so we must learn quickly to use that knowledge in this life:

Here's a great video on 10 Ocean Phenomenon You Won't Believe Actually Exist:

I sat my 10 year old on my lap today, and showed her this next video.  I was about to hit play, and she said, yeah dad, those are neat!  I've been looking at them all week long.  I've already seen that one twice.  ..... so since we're behind ... I'd better share it with you...

5 3D Pens you can't do without:


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