25 Ways You Can Be More Self Reliant Today

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4. Invest in Books

Invest in books. No matter what happens if you have books available you can find the information you need. If the Internet goes down, if power goes off, you won't be able to get your information from your computer however if you have a good collection of books; reference and good literature, you will always have both entertainment and instruction. You can homeschool your kids pretty thoroughly with only a good set of encyclopedias.

5. Learn to Cook

Learn cooking skills. Bread baking, canning, making sour dough starter, and even making things like wine and vinegar are useful abilities.

It's surprising how many people honestly don't know how to make cake with out a mix!

6. Invest in reusable Items

Invest in reusable personal items like cloth diapers and cloth feminine hygeine products. Better yet, learn to make these things for yourself.

7. Plant a garden

Plan a vegetable garden. It doesn't have to be extensive. Good things to plant would be:

  • green beans
  • lettuces
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • beets
  • tomatoes
  • peas
  • okra
  • eggplant
  • peppers
  • zucchini
  • squash
  • cucumbers

There are, of course many other vegetables to try but these are the most reliable and prolific for the beginner.

8. Plant Herbs

Plant herbs. Culinary herbs should include basil, oregano, dill, lavender (mixed use), mint (also mixed use), rosemary, sage, and cilantro. But don't stop at culinary herbs, there are many herbs that make important medicinal teas. Lavender is soothing, mint calms a queasy tummy. Alfalfa cleanses the blood stream and lymph system.

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