The Kodiak - Off Grid Home Solar System In A Box

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The Predator 50 Solar Panel is the world's first portable& modular solar panel system. Each panel has electrical connections built into both sides of the frame, allowing power to pass through each panel as they are connected.  Because the electrical connections are built into the panels there is no need for extra cables or wires.

Your Kodiak System purchase may save you over $300 off of your federal income tax!  When purchased with the Predator 50 Panels, your Kodiak System may qualify you for the Federal Residential Energy Tax Credit. Please consult your tax professional.

The lithium-ion batteries used inside the Kodiak are the same type of batteries used in today's electric cars & hybrids.  This ensures a significantly longer life span than any other solar generator on the market - up to 4x longer.

Solar panels haven't fundamentally changed for residential applications in 30 years.  Heavy, large, and requiring mounts-solar panels simply haven't been portable.  The Predator 50 Panels are a fraction of an inch thick, and modular in design - allowing maximum portability and expandability.  Each panel generates 50 watts of electricity per hour in ideal conditions.  For example, 2 panels generate 100 watts of total power and will charge the Kodiak in about 11 hours.  By sliding together 2 additional panels, 200 watts of power is now generated, cutting down the charge time for the Kodiak in half.

Info found in the IndiGoGo Campaign.

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