In The Rain Shadow Of Mount Olympus, The Sun Shines All The Time!

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If someone told you that it always rains in the Northwest, they would be talking about the constant cloud cover 9 months out of the year, and the excitement that comes when a clear day reveals a view of mount Rainier or the Olympics. Short cloudy winter days make one yearn for Summer when it grows dark after 10pm, and twilight seems to last forever.

As the mountain snows melt off, water flows in abundance as seen here at Sol Duc Falls In Olympic National Park.

Most of the moisture pushes over Mount Olympus, dropping an excess of 200 inches of rainfall per year, making this the wettest spot in North America!
Yet this tremendous rainfall comes with what has been dubbed the Olympic Rain Shadow on the "back side of the mountain." The town of Sequim is directly effected by the rain shadow, receiving only 16 to 18 inches of rain per year! Within this rain shadow are a number of beautiful places that enjoy the beauty of low rainfall, while tremendous watershed occurs nearby, most of which flows into the ocean, and there will never be a water shortage!

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