Disused Farm Buildings are Transformed Into a Sustainable Farming and Cooking School

Categories: Education

The buildings on the site exemplify the beauty and history of the existing buildings while modern insertions of the cookery school and soon to be constructed accommodation building help to make them fit for purpose and comfortable to current standards. This project accentuates an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by making it productive and educational for all who wish to learn.

The project has a fully sustainable policy on building materials, energy and carbon output and a fully recyclable policy on waste. The site has been developed to ensure low carbon emissions and a fully renewable energy system for the site. Water will be collected and harvested for use on the site in all needs, from WC flushing, agricultural and garden production. Artesian sources are used for potable water. ­ In addition to the energy, water and recycling policies; relationships have been fostered with local suppliers and local craftsmen for the regional building materials and techniques such as Devon cobb and rammed earth.

As a rural courses centre, River Cottage has created a fully sustainable headquarters on an existing farm from which to run their operation. Satellite has created a headquarters that reinvents an existing and disused farm reactivating the existing buildings for a use that exemplifies their original purpose and connection with the land. Satellite acted as the sustainability experts and planned a comprehensive strategy for energy creation, and over all low impact for River Cottage’s activities.

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