Disused Farm Buildings are Transformed Into a Sustainable Farming and Cooking School

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The existing farm site included a 17th century Cobb farmhouse, an 18th century chert-threshing barn. The farmhouse was renovated to function as a sustainable inn for visitors to River Cottage events and the threshing barn was renovated as one of the two event spaces and the main kitchen.

The site has made a substantial achievement in its sustainability. It creates all its own electricity from their wind turbine and solar panel for the water pump. All the heat is provided by the biomass boiler, which is fired with off-cuttings from the local wood. Rain water is used for garden watering and WC flushing, Reed beds assure no effluence is put into the sewer system, The cars used for there operation to deliver items from the headquarters to the canteen in near by Axminster and the tractor that delivers visitors from the car park to the event buildings are run on chip fat lessening the use of fossil fuels.

from Satellite Architects / via Inhabitat

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