Amazing Levitating Stones with Sound Waves. (Video)

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The movement of the stone with the help of sound

Okkulʹtisty long time talking about what else Atlanta and the ancient Egyptians in the construction of their shrines of knew how to move their massive stone details with the help of the sound, that is, the possessed the acoustic levitation. Modern Science tries to explain all with the help of questionable historical reconstructions depicting the tens of thousands of slaves, involved in the construction with the help of ropes and pulleys.
How moved the huge chunks, similar to the stone from the set of baalbek?

In the early 1930 s, the Swedish Aviainzhener Henry Kjellson watched in Tibet, as monks imputed temple on the rock to a height of 400 metres. The Stone - with a diameter of approximately one and a half meters - dotaskivalsya yakom until a small horizontal site, located in the 100-foot distance from the rocks. Then the stone left in a hole, the appropriate size of the stone and a depth of 15 cm. 63 metres from the pits (Engineer right clocked all distances) stood 19 musicians, and behind them-200 monks, located on the radial piniyam - several people at each. The angle between the lines was five degrees. The Stone was lying in the middle of this building.

Musicians have been 13 large drums, hanging from the wooden rungs and sounding the surface facing towards the pit with a stone. Between the drums in different places were posted six large metal pipes, too rastrubami aimed to the pit. About each pipe stood on two musician, blowers in it on the line. On the special team this whole orchestra taken loud to play, and the glee club monks - sing in unison. And that's how told Henry Kjellson, four minutes, when the sound reached its climax, Boulder in the pit myself started swinging and suddenly took off in one huge parabola right on top of a cliff.

In this way, according to the story Henry, monks and under construction to the temple of the five-six huge boulders on top of every hour.
As an engineer, besides aviation. Kjellson tried to explain the incredible phenomenon in terms of common sense.

Kjellson held measurements of all distances - from the pit to the rocks, from the pit to the challenges of musicians and the monks and so on and so on and got the numbers, all the multiples of the number of "Pi", As well as the proportion of the golden ratio and multiplied by the number of 5,024-"p" and the golden ratio. The Stone was located in the centre of the circle, formed by the orchestra and the monks, who sent sonic vibrations at the pit is a reflector of these fluctuations. And they have raised the boulder at 400 yards!

Sounds beenescalating smoothly (four minutes, or 240 seconds),
Had enough of the beautiful, and fluctuations - harmonious. As a result of - that's the sozidayushchiy effect. It is indeed sozidayushchiy was under construction in the Holy Temple!

The Stone took off in one huge parabola - first he walked almost vertically (fluctuations, reflected from the rocks, did not give valunu go anywhere near it), Then started to deviate towards the top. Closer to the cliff had fewer monks on lines-block radius, consequently, fluctuations and their reflection was weaker, but to the top of their number actually begun to fall sharply, and stone, following the path of least resistance, that's right I got a seat on the construction of the sanctuary.

It is likely that in the same way the ancient builders of the pyramids and other global facilities moved won't move a bit full of rocks at significant distances and high altitude.

A triumphant experiment

Physics, in general, the possibility of the existence of controlled acoustic levitation allowed. It's not enough, mastered the technology management in the first one, and then in two planes.
Many, probably ever seen makrosʺyemku with zavisshey in the air with a drop of water. Such experiments produced, for example, scientists from Switzerland. But to reach trekhploskostnogo managing long could not anyone.

And that's in January of this year the specialists of the university of Tokyo made with the help of the sound of the waves float in space small objects of various shapes and mass. To The Japanese Matrix Audio Emitters, located in certain locations, allow them to move on complex trajectories.

First scientists surgery already accustomed to drizzle of water, the pieces of the steelworking diameter from 0,6 to 2 Millimeters, as well as the small radio pans, but the crowning of a series of experiments was raising the cc's from child designer to the top of the toy of the pyramid.

Experimentalists assure us that at some time in the same way will be able to manipulate objects of any mass and volume. Just have to learn how to pick up the sound of a certain frequency and power. They also say that the acoustic levitation would help in future to completely overcome gravity. The use of this technology for the establishment of a new type of aircraft already interested in nasa engineers.

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