America, Have We Been Duped? Constitutional Expert Explains

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"I was compelled to give people a little bit of what I know to be truth in light of the corruptions and moral vacancies of today concerning the coup d'état of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its parent STATES OF 'X'. I am hopeful that people will take this personal wisdom that I have come by and use the Law to work within it to better the plight of All."

"Anyone would like a copy of the Writ of Conspiracy proving the passage of the original 13th TONA Amendment and/or the Virginia legislature publications that I have placed upon the bar and public record in Ohio and DC and have sent to various agents of states, local, state, federal, international and tribal governments, just send me an email at and I will send you a Dropbox invite as time permits."

Police Powers 101 - the truth of their purpose and origin:

"Salus populi suprema lex est - the welfare of the people is the highest law...

A VERY short summary of police powers, their creation, their unconstitutionality and the use of them by a de facto coup d'état of the BAR Union to effect continued abrogation, subrogation and hypothecation of the multiple bankruptcies of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and the STATES OF 'X' for the benefit of their masters of foreign banksters and themselves. Yeah, I know I don't talk about abrogation, subrogation, etc... in this video.....that will have to be topic of another video as it is a bit more complicated. This, the truth of police powers and their un-constitutional nature, that is an easy one. Enjoy. Share if you like in free public fair. "

After watching, how do you feel about what she knows, her convictions, and about what you know about America?  Comment below or on Facebook and share your thoughts on whether she is right or not, and why? 

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