We Owe It All To A Farmer, So Thank One Today

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There was a time when many people lived off their land.  They harvested their own food, made bread from their grain, milked and butchered their own cattle for meat, had chickens for eggs, then later for dinner.  This was a life not suited to everyone.  Working from the crack of dawn until sunset is a life for the strong, for the patient, and for those who are willing to commit.  You can't plant a harvest, and then take a vacation, not knowing if the rains will suffice this year.  Your crop may require you to find a way to divert a river through the field to be sure it has water enough to grow.  Mankind was tied to the land.  Monetary exchange established a value to the hard work and toil on the farm, and those who didn't want to put in 16 hour days found work in other fields, and traded their time in the factory so they could work less for what they ate.  With many working in the same job, you could take vacations while others filled your shoes, something nearly imposible to come by in farm life  For this reason, farmers raised children to tend to the fields so they could take breaks as they grew old.

Cities of business blew up around the world offering jobs whose time was worth more than that of the farmer in dollars and cents.  Thus was created an easier life.  But these businessmen and women found ways to design and build machinery to make the farmers' time more valuable, so that he (or she) could produce more and their time would become stretched through mass production techniques.

So if reality be spoken, when a person chooses a career, he or she should say, "instead of finding my own food, I choose a new career with which I will pay a farmer to find it for me."  It all comes down to food.  If we run out, all of the careers in the world will crumble back to the one necessity that counts most.  

So.... go thank a farmer today!

~text and video with edit by David Webster

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