What Is The First Thing I Should Do To Start Living Off The Grid? Thank You!

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What is the first thing I should do to start living off the grid? 
That is the reason we spend so much time ... Over 1000 articles per year cataloguing many of the options and possibilities. It's an educational and societal equation. It's like asking "what is the first thing I do to perform surgery on my sister?"
Well you won't actually be able to perform that surgery because it wouldn't be right or safe, or in the correct order. She may die of infection before you learn what you need to know, and have the right supplies to do so. So you have to begin to plan and prepare you life for a future of education, of understanding, and of research that will move mankind into the next logical step.  If you come to the table with the mindset that not long ago we all sat in a chair chained to the wall when we wanted to talk on the phone. The cell phone gave us such a freedom to not have to stare at the same view for every phone call, that it was mind blowing when I first got a cell phone. You know what it feels like to be tied to a wall for your hair iron or blow dryer. Tools used to be the same way, but now the freedom we have by battery powered tools is tremendous.
And so there are varying degrees of getting off the grid in various ways, but if we begin with electricity, you could go camp in a trailer, or live in a mud hut.
We live in a world that is modernized to the nth degree, and doesn't want to go backwards. So Living off the Grid as it is popular... is the idea of building your home with the technologies you are used to, maybe giving up a few things, and simplifying life, yet going wireless and not having need of the local power system.  It's not just about getting off the grid.  We started this page as a place to highlight those that are off the grid and the ways they do things, conserve, survive, build, heating, cooling without electricity, etc.  Modernization is also leading us in a tech filled off grid trajectory, so it's only a matter of time before everyone is off-grid.  

A while back we bought a piece of land in the country. We needed a power pole inserted to move one beyond what was already there. It was going to cost us about $10,000 for that pole installation. In our minds was... why would I spend $10k on power when I can buy solar panels and batteries that meet my power needs for about the same money, and then not have a monthly bill. But this is the beginning of a construction project for most places in the world. As I see it, we have built homes to have unlimited power and extreme inefficiency. They are built to make money for the power companies and those who design and build appliances and the stores who sell them. If you spend more time and effort on insulation and efficiency planning, such as in an earth ship or a straw bale home with passive solar heating and earth-tube cooling, you might just find yourself able to achieve zero heating bills, and have no need for an A/C system. So spend some on home efficiency planning, and save money on your future!
Compared to heating and cooling, other appliances in the home require little energy.  You can throw up a wind turbine, some solar panels, and a battery bank, rain water collection and filtration, and begin to live comfortably, but without the longterm cost to your pocketbook or the planet.
So what if you're living in an apartment,.... you ask yourself... "what can I do?" That's a harder question to answer. But there are solutions coming down through technology that cost a lot of money that will change what can be done, but it will be the builders of such structures that implement those technologies. When people demand efficiency, investors invest in efficiency, simple as that. These technologies are already invented, but take time to get through regulations and testing, and then a lot of money to retrofit factories to produce it.  Imagine that every high rise building in the future generated enough power from the light that came through the windows, that it didn't need to be connected to any grid... that would be fabulous!

AT&T almost went the way of the dodo bird when Sprint launched digital phone technology and free long distance, while AT&T was still a land-line long distance provider.  Large companies in the power industry will have to find a way to be involved, or they will just fade into the past and dissolve. So the best thing is... be conscious of good ideas that are moving us in the right direction. Buy the off grid friendly gadgets and gimmics and check them out as they come along to support the movement of technology in the right direction. Learn to garden and grow food organically. Understand the food you eat and connect to the way it's made. Share the articles that make sense on the internet with people so we are all on the same page. Get involved in your local government and push back against more government and bureaucracy.  Encourage good ideas that benefit the community and the individuals living in it. And that is just a start.
Now for those reading... comment below or on Facebook... what are your thoughts about an answer to this question.  I am just one opinion among many, but I love to hear from you....
~David Webster
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