What Makes People Want To Live Off The Grid?

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This brings me to a second purpose of our site: To usher in the new era where it is not only possible, but also practical to have a home that is self sufficient.

Not long ago, our telephones were connected to the wall in our homes, as were power tools. As cell phones freed us from our homes with communication, and power tools could store the energy necessary to be portable, more and more we as a society crave to be disconnected with technology that can power our homes. 

Additionally, we all pay this big power bill to a monopoly power company who has no sense of customer service, no competition, and will cut you off without remorse. With the cost of portable power solutions coming down, with cars that can be powered by electricity, and electricity that can be gathered by the sun, people see the light at the end of the tunnel.  They see that it's possible to have no need to go to a gas station to fill up, or pay the taxes that go with that process.  They feel burdened by over-taxation and a government that spends too much, and feel that the only way to control that is to take away the means of taxing. Through growing ones own food, and being self sufficient, one can live with much less money, and be in an income bracket that receives benefits rather than is taxed heavily. 

Currently in the U.S.A. a family of 5 has more money to spend by making $35,000 per year than a family that makes $65,000.  How can that be?  It's the current government's plan in place that feeds the poor and makes it impossible to be middle class.  It helps them gather votes.  The family that makes $35,000 gets $8000 in earned income credit back on their taxes, they receive medical benefits to the tune of about $700 per month and don't pay taxes on that money.  Food stamps, about $790 per month (and pay no sales tax), housing funding, free daycare, free school lunches, and on and on....   All those programs make it so the family that makes $55,000 per year and pays taxes on all that income makes far far less.  There is no motivation to move up above the $35,000 mark.  So it's easier to make less, provide for oneself in whatever ways possible, until at which time you can make $100,000 or more and overcome the "GAP."  

But having control over ones own food means you eat healthy too!  There's distrust over the ingredients and the GMO produce that has infected food we eat in stores.  You can't afford to eat organic food in the low income bracket unless you grow it yourself.  Thus the rise of the Urban garden, and it's happening everywhere!


While there is a window of tax credit still in place for renewable energy, it is possible to provide your own energy needs over a 30 year period for about 1/5 of what one would pay the local energy company. Not only is the power free once equipment is purchased, but there are no taxes attached to that free power, and the resident feels empowered and freed from burden through this process.

As new self-powered solutions continue to be invented, we will see the global shift from energy that is centrally produced to that which is produced at home. I am working with a company who makes windows that generate power. This product makes it possible for an entire city to be built almost as usual with special glass, and then it's power need will be met in total. It's a world changer. There are other social cravings to be off grid in different ways or forms, but most of them stem from a situation where securing a permit, installing extra power poles, dealing with deposits to the propane company, etc lead to a bad experience with a monopoly controlling company, and this is the peoples option: to fire that company from their bad service, and do it themselves.  

When I look outside, I see that we have a planet that turns it's face toward the Sun every day.  In that process, the heat energy moves around the planet causing weather to swirl around it, and the wind, the waves, the tides, the light, the heat, the rain, the flowing waters.... all these things are filled with energy!  I'm here to discover ways to capture that energy, and share it around!

For our readers, I love your input, please weigh in on this question with your thoughts below.

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