Why not let the cows pump their own water? It's not so difficult.

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In the quest for sustainability, for saving money, for avoiding work, and accomplishing much, there are a lot of gadgets that have been created to make lives easier.

The life of a farmer makes for a long day as we all know, so shortcuts that make his or her chores less can be great!  This is one of those fancy shortcuts that somebody really creative came up with that takes advantage of the strength of the cow to pump his or her own drinking water right to their bowl!  It also manages to use zero electricity, and is manually operated, so the cost of pumping is nothing!  I love this kind of gadget!

 The company making the nose pump is Rife, who has been making energy-free farming technology since 1884!!

Rife sells a great assortment of river pumps and ram pumps, and hand pumps and solar pumps.  If you've got water, flowing or still, and want to find a way to move it, they probably have just the thing to help you get that done.  

The nose pump is made of cast aluminum, and weighs only about 22 pounds, so it's easy enough to move around.  They sell for about $450.00  You can click the link and order online, or call them at: (570)-740-1100 and mention Living off the Grid, and they'll take good care of you! 


Now check out their cool river pump:

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