100,000 LED's Enchant This River With Light

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Solar-Powered LED Spheres floating down the Sumida River composed a splendid light spectacle in Japan’s capital city. The Tokyo Hotaru Festival held in May this year gathered 100,000 of these blue glowing spheres in an effort of bringing the city closer to nature. Floating down the river and lighting it as they passed, this collection of LED spheres intended to be reminiscent of a swarm of fireflies and capture the way nature intended to bright up our surroundings back when electricity was unheard of. Spotted on This is Colossal, the festival was such a big hit, that tickets for first-row spots along the riverbank were sold at ¥1,000 a piece. This extraordinary city installation was eventually caught downstream by giant nets, ensuring no pollution changed the meaning of this interesting way of mimicking nature.

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