7 Off The Grid Ways To Get In Shape

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When it comes to getting in shape, most of us could do a thing or two a little better.  When we're young, we don't understand how people get big.  After two or three kids, most couples aren't sure where they're going to find time to get small again.  And when we're older, it might be a chore just to get to the coffee in the morning so we can get out of bed.  

I tend to be quite the realist when it comes to exercise.  For most families, it's not possible to find time to work, to do homework with the kids, to go running or cycling and stay in shape, to fix the cars, and then grow a garden too?   It's funny the little hang-ups and excuses we are able to make to justify not going out to work out.  

My wife likes to run.... a lot.  In fact, here's her wall art:  

We happen to live in in the country on the edge of town.  So if we go out of our street, and turn right, it's a country jog.  If we turn left, it's a city jog.  She want's to go left because there are sidewalks and gas stations to stop and go to the bathroom.  I want to turn right and head to the country rural areas.  But really, to me, besides being a hobby, I'm one to find other ways to spend that energy.  

1.  In The spring, it's time to get behind that Roto-tiller and start the garden.  It's an easy way to get out and accomplish the beginnings of your garden, and still break a sweat in the process.  You'll build some arm strength, some calves from walking in the loose dirt and pushing that machine around, and might even get a bit of cardio going.  

2.  How bout building a new chicken coop.  You're likely to have to run around with your trailer and pick up pallets for free wood, or go to Home Depot to their green marked clearance 50 cent lumber to see what you can find cheap to work with.  Or you could call your local builder and see if he has a tear-down project soon where you could pick up the scraps.  So actually doing these types of projects yourself can be good therapy as well as exercise.  But it's not done without a mess.  You'll have scraps and tools and whatnot strewn about as you work.  So staying neat and tidy is a chore... the more tools you have, the more space you'll need to stay organized.   

2.jpgThat's always my problem.  I have piano restoration tools and framing tools and roofing tools and sheet rock tools and concrete tools and automotive repair tools..... when you learn a trade, you hate to be without your tools.  But sometimes too many trades leads to too much to store leads to too big a house leads to a complex life.  So finding a balance is key.  

3.  Build A Solar Powered Rainwater Catching Shed.  Any time you build, you get muscles.  If you use a hammer or drill rather than a nail gun, you build bigger muscles.  (Watch out for blisters!)


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