Got Salt Water? You've got Light and Power

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Introducing the Hydra-Light PL-500 Salt Water USB Charger & Light  

No more replacing disposable batteries! Just add salt & water for instant light & charging power.

Did you know that according to the EPA, each year American’s throw away more than 3 million batteries? That’s about 180,000 tons, many of which are single use alkaline batteries - an expensive and environmentally damaging habit. Placed end to end, these dead batteries would circle the world six times! 

The Hydra-Light Saltwater Charger & Light, evolved from our search for a portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternative to battery powered lighting and charging products. Powered by a salt water energy cell, Hydra-Light offers extended usage times and lower operational costs than conventional battery operated products.

You can now charge your phone or light your way without the need for disposable batteries. A must-have in emergency situations and a great alternative for camping, boating and other off-the-grid adventures, with Hydra-Light, all you need is salt water. 

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