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We hear the word sustainable tossed around every day now in political rhetoric, but what does it really mean? It's simply a process of thinking about our world as we make day to day decisions. As we learn about products that are harmful, we stop buying them. As we understand that recycling or composting is a good thing to do, we learn why, and begin to do our part.

Every day we make choices. When the majority of people begin making choices that lead us in a positive direction, and we begin to see good results, then we continue along that path, and continue to make wise decisions.

Today we have communication like never before, and a majority of the people have access to the type of information to make better and more informed decisions.

For a long time, many of the wealthy and businesses have been setting up solar and wind power systems in order to reduce long term costs and to show dedication to this positive advancement. Today, the costs continue to fall, and the solutions get better and better.

Laptop computers have a built-in battery, so if the power fails, you still keep working until the battery runs out. Battery Backup Systems makes products that do that on a larger scale, and now instead of just being made to keep computers running, they have made a universal design that will allow the masses to use their battery system for survival, for emergency, for small power solutions, for sheds and shops, for solar gates, or something as mundane as making coffee even when the power goes out. These should be installed in your home on your critical devices, and can serve as disaster preparedness should something go terribly wrong.

New technology keeps reeling out in the news. Of the many great ideas we see coming from a lab, only a handful of good ones finally make it to production. Lithium Ion batteries have been a high cost solution for some time, but now the costs are coming down. Homes that are off the grid usually require a pallet load of large heavy batteries to store enough juice to run throughout the day, and make it through cloudy weather days. Most of the batteries in use only last for 2-5 years, and energy storage is the bottleneck that keeps the electrified world on the grid. So while energy production through solar and wind innovation is getting better and better, the quest for high capacity storage continues to develop. On the back side of all of this innovation is a world where energy is easier to capture, where we need less of it to power our toys, where we can remove all of the ugly view-blocking power lines, and just as phones went wireless and power tools cut the cord, soon every home will do the same.

On the cutting edge of the technology that is getting us there, Battery Backup Power has come out with a portable, lightweight, extremely versatile 26amp hour battery that is all inclusive! It has four USB ports, and two 120 volt outlets. It charges quickly with the optional solar panel in 4-6 hours. At seven pounds, it's 1/4 of the weight of it's closest competitor. You can recharge it by wall outlet, car adapter, or the optional solar panel. It has a costly built-in sine power inverter which will keep all of your electronics safe from harm.

Here is your chance to help the planet continue to move forward:
All the while, by supporting this effort, you are helping the folks at Battery Backup Power to step up to larger devices that will begin to make off-grid living status quo!

So let's talk about this for a minute. This is the sustainable revolution we are a part of. When the consumers buy good things that move us in the right direction, and stop buying things that don't, then we are bettering the world for our children.

Why is this system better? Well for one, it will last ten times longer than current lead acid batteries, meaning that's ten purchase cycles avoided. That all requires manufacturing, trucking, the work to replace them every few years, and all of the steps in between. Because it's so much lighter, shipping is easer and cheaper, and requires less energy to get them around the world. Its all about trade-offs, and this is one trade-off I'm willing to afford.

Click the link below and check out their kickstarter. I've put my name behind what Battery Backup Power is doing, because I believe they're offering a fantastic product that is moving us in the right direction.  I'm David Webster of Living off the Grid.


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