A Refrigerator Designed To Cool Only What's In It and Conserves Energy!

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When one considers going off the grid, and thinks about using solar panels or wind for power, the first step is to evaluate everything in the home that uses electricity.  First you try to add efficiency to your home and reduce heat and air bills because they are the biggest hogs.  Next in line are the refrigerator, washer and dryer, the stove and oven if they're electric.  The appliances are also big electric hogs.  What if the refrigerator didn't have to be?  Here's a unique concept:

How many times have you put left overs in the fridge and forgotten about them, only to come back a week later and find them spoiled? Impress completely transforms the way we refrigerate.
Impress is a refrigeration wall that holds your food and drinks for you, out in the open and not behind closed doors so you will always remember the lunch you prepared for work or find that midnight snack with ease. Also, Impress refrigerator does not refrigerate when there is nothing in it and uses less power the fewer items are pressed into it. Waste no more leftovers, waste less space and save more money with Impress.

One of the Electrolux Lab Competition finalists was this slick design:

Country: New Zealand
Designer: Ben de la Roche
School: Massey University


 In theory this idea works when you're storing less in the fridge, but I must admit, I would have a messy full wall... in fact I might need a couple more walls the way my family works  :)

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