Bjorn Qorn Uses Giant Mirrors to Make Solar Popcorn

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Brooklyn based Bjorn Qorn is making popcorn in the most spectacular way – using nothing but the sun.


Gigantic reflectors collect the sun’s rays and focuses them onto a kettle of corn kernels, creating a totally unique sun-popped popcorn. The company is a test implementation of a new technique to build cheap solar mirrors. Since solar mirrors could be used for just about anything, Bjorn Qorn thought to themselves, why not start with popcorn? If you want to get a taste of the solar treat, the company is releasing a limited edition holiday popcorn tin that illustrates the ingenious process and makes a pretty cool gift.


Comments from last January 2014:  "Commonly enough this time of year people ask, “hey, can you operate in the winter?” The short answer is yes; contrary to intuition, the midday sun has about the same power all year. The cold air also doesn’t matter too much for our kettle either, unless it is very windy. Our capacity is lower now though, so we won’t resume expanding until we’ve added another basin.


The winter operating day is shorter, and our first basin has a dip in power due to it’s geometry. The basin and kettle need to line up with the low winter sun, which basin 2 will do much better. In fact it should have about the same peak power all year. These pictures are from late November and early January, on what was probably the coldest day of the year: -10 at night! Haven’t found a solar solution to cold toes yet."


You can order some from them:

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