Build a Wimshurst generator for energy

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When you attach different sized pulleys with belts you can get spin ratios such that one rotation on one pulley will cause 45 rotations on another.

These dynamic ratios create such spin that when you spin magnets around coiled copper, you can get tremendous voltage outputs.

That is what happens in a Wimshurst machine…

In a Wimshurst machine, the two insulated discs rotate in opposite directions. As they do they pass metal neutralizer bars and their brushes. Charges are induced, amplified, and collected by two pairs of metal combs with points placed near the surfaces of each disk.

The charges accumulate exponentially until the voltage of the air is reached and an electric spark jumps across the gap.

The video below shows MrTeslonian build a 4-foot diameter Wimshurst Generator, capable of producing lethal voltages. The Wimshurst is used to power a X-Ray machine, ion pulse engines, levitate metal objects, and even how to step down the electrostatic charge to a lower more usable voltage, and more.

This is a long video but well worth the view.

One of the world’s largest Wimshurst generators…

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