California is Opening the World's Largest Wind Farm

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For years Europe has led the race in wind farming and although the US has many of our own, we don't hold a candle to them.  

But, by the year 2021 California will blow everyone out of the water. Located just 33 miles off of Pt. Estero, California, the Morro Bay Offshore project is estimated to have over 100 floating turbines.  Those turbines will be able to produce over 765 megawatts of energy that are expected to power over 200,000 homes.  Seriously amazing!

The project will use floating platforms instead of the the traditional undersea platforms due to the possible coastal winds. It's an innovative solution only currently used in testing.  Although this style is cheaper to install, the amount of power cables need to reach shore bring up the total coast from $4 million to $9 million.  

If for some reason the project does get decommissioned, all of the materials will be brought back to shore.  As technology improve, the pains of cost and negative enviromental impact should decrease.

Source: inhabitat


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