So Yesterday I Set Out To Replace My Bulbs, And This Was My Adventure

Categories: Energy

I spent $10.00 per bulb for regular Style LED light bulbs at Sam's just to try them out.  I saw that they were dimmable, and that's a plus for all my dimmable fixtures, but Ouch!  If I replace 200 bulbs, the bad news is $2,000.00.  The good news is that I shouldn't be changing any of them again for a long time.  More bad news is that the outdoor spotlight bulbs are about $30.00 apiece.  Yuck!  These below non-dimmable bulbs at Lowes were well priced at $4.98 each.  


After wandering up and down the aisles enough to know what I was reading, I was feeling better about what I would buy.  I would do LED lighting on dimmable lights, and get the cheaper fluorescents for the others.  Later I would realize that I put all different colors of light in my home... some more yellow and others more white.  So you may want to decide early on what color lighting you plan to use, and stick with a common style throughout the house.  



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