Clay Refrigerator Requires Zero Energy to Keep Food Cool

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An Indian entrepreneur has created a refrigerator made entirely from clay that keeps food cool without using any electricity. Mansukhbhai Raghavbhai Prajapati, a Gujarat-based potter, makes his natural MittiCool refrigerator to provide an alternative for people in rural areas who can’t afford conventional refrigerators.

The MittiCool fridge uses the natural cooling effect of water evaporation to keep vegetables fresh for up to a week and store milk for three days before it spoils. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side of the clay fridge and takes away heat as it evaporates, leaving the chambers cool. The water is stored in the upper chamber and can be used for drinking via a small faucet tap on the front lower end of the chamber. Two shelves in the lower chamber are used for storing food-the first is used for vegetables and fruits, while the second shelf can be used for storing milk.

This affordable green appliance made from clay is said to preserve the original taste of fruits and vegetables, unlike many conventional models that run on electricity. It requires no or very little maintenance and is guaranteed to continue working even in cases of power outages.

+ MittiCool Refrigerator / by Lidija Grozdanic / via Inhabitat



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