Cool PV Is 4x The Energy In One Panel!

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What if you could get 4x the energy out of one solar panel!  You can now!  This panel is all the rage with it's combination of solar photovoltaic panel on one side, and solar swimming pool heater on the other!  The trick is, how does all that sun come through?  It doesn't have to!  The heat in the solar panels is dispersed into the water by transfer, or because it touches and absorbs all that heat from the voltaic cells.    

Most people don't realize that cool solar panels run much more efficiently than hot ones.  Allowing the water to extract the heat from the solar cells increases the efficiency.  This in turn puts all that energy into the water, and saves a fortune in pool heating costs!  What a combo this is!  As you'll see in the video below, there are other great advantages too!


It sounds too good to be true, but if you installed an electric pool heater, it would take 4 photovoltaic panels to accomplish what this one panel does for energy production and heat-energy production.  That's a lot of energy created in one spot! 


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