DIY Home Backup Power: By Electrician: Calleb Bullock

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Hi all just wanted to share with you all my latest project, I have here a backup power system for my house. It consists of 2x 150ah 12v deep cycle batteries (3.6 kwh of storage), coupled to a 2000w pure sine wave inverter. Its all controlled by a box which i made up which has 2 contactors, 2 relays and some connectors.

Where I live, blackouts arent a frequent occurrence but nonetheless, with 2 kids its an inconvenience!

when mains power is available, the main contactor drops in and supplies power to the houses light and power circuits, it also sends power to the battery charger to keep the batteries topped up. When mains power fails, the main contactor drops out and is electrically interlocked with the second contactor (they both can't operate at the same time), once the inverter is powered up it detects the voltage and drops in the second contactor which then supplies inverter power to the house, 2000w isn't heaps, but its enough to power my fridge and freezer, lights and other small appliances like the tv.


But most importantly, my garage door still operates and our instantaneous gas hot water system still operates. Have you done something similar? Let me know in the comments section!

Note: I am a licensed electrician and I do not encourage anyone do this without speaking to your local electrician and complying with relevant rules and standards. Thank you.

by Calleb Bullock / via Facebook

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