Perpetual Motion, Over Unity, Free Energy - Do They All Mean The Same Thing?

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me face shotSo I set out to do some digging on youtube and watch some cool magnet motor ideas, and began searching for free energy devices of different sorts.  These were some of the highlights of my search below.  I was quite excited by what I found, and always am.  The ones that look legit warrant a visit, so on my bucket list is a trip to see a few of these one day.  If you have a great video, or a great idea that rivales one of these, send me a link at   If and when I get a chance, I'd love to explore the science behind your madness.  This stuff is fun.  I'm a physics nut, and love technology as much as anyone.  For me going off the grid has as much to do with keeping technology as it does reducing use of fuels by discovery.  

I've heard it said that patenting a technology puts your technology at risk and in the hands of the government, that techs that offer global solutions tend to be snuffed as national security risks if they would cause too much upheaval to our current economic system.  I'm not certain whether that is true, or if it's simply conspiracy theory, but regardless, if you have an idea and want to be sure it won't get snuffed, I'm glad to help put it out there to the DIY geniuses. That said, it's mass production that gets costs down to a point to help the masses.   

free energyPerpetual motion refers to a device that continues to run and does not deplete in energy by drag factors, and once set into motion, will run without stopping. Over Unity takes that concept to the next level, as it refers to a device that runs perpetually, and even produces excess energy.  It could be said that a nuclear reaction is over unity except that we now understand where that energy comes from.  According to Physics, energy has to come from somewhere.  There have been many devices throughout history that were sideshow quackery made to look like overunity, and in reality, were not.  Physics tells us that over unity or perpetual motion is impossible.  It has been said that many have gone mad in the persuit of perpetual motion.  

Free Energy is a different concept altogether.  Solar power is considered free energy even though there is an initial cost.  The thought is that that cost will eventually come down with production and advances in technology.  Hydro Power is also considered free energy, even though there is a substantial up front cost.  The general concept of gathering power from flowing water is the free part.  Basically, it's power generated by the rain, or the atmosphere's energy that transfers the water up to the sky.  Capturing energy inherent in the environment is what we're after.  Opening a window on a warm day and capturing the heat of the day to last partway into the night is a source of free energy.  We are always looking for better ways to be economical.  The concept of Holding cool air in the winter and storing it for Summer would be on the far fetched side of free energy, nevertheless it's the outside the box ideas that tend to lead to something great!  Keep your thinking caps on and watch these fun videos below:



Keep Inventing, keep discovering!  Let's make this world a better place through discovery!

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