Home Made Jet Bicycle - The Most Unsafe Bike Ever! (Don't Tell Mom)

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"An old womans bike built for shopping turned into a bomb inspired safety hazzard. This is the final part in my series on the wonderfull pulse jet and what an end.The jet will push the bike a little faster but its staying on thats the challenage as some of the more keen eye'd people will have noticed the side shaking , yes we could have cured it with better frame better wheels etc but I like its a shit bike n still is."

Other videos in the series are
Part 1- Making the jet

Part 2 - First Test

Part 3- Strapped up in van and nearly setting fire to everything

Note:- When using liquid propane be sure you get the cylinders that are designed for liquid draw off

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Music by march to the grave heres the link etc

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