Better Wind Turbines Are Here: Lightweight, Compact, Powerful!

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People have used the power of the wind for a long time.  When we think about grinding grain into flour, we think about Holland and the giant windmills there.  But today, they have come down in both size, weight, and cost, and now, instead of grinding grain, we use them to generate electricity.  A few weeks ago, I shared a story with a kickstarter campaign for the Kohilo Flutter, which is a new device by Kohilo in a smaller size meant to charge a usb device,  but as I have discovered, they make terrific larger turbines, and this really needs to get out!  

kohilo 10.jpeg

Light enough to mount just about anywhere, the Kohilo Vortex weighs only 55 pounds which is comparable to gas powered generators that produce similar power.  It's rated for 800 watts of power, and has a peak output of 1900 watts of power.  

kohilo 12.jpeg


Consider that you can fit enough solar panel on the roof of your golf cart for about $1400 for 280 watts of power for the kit.  With wind power, you capture the wind as you go, and generate far more power for the money!  For $1500, the Kohilo Icon generates up to 900 watts of power!

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