Solar Generators - When Preparedness And Backup Has Never Been So Easy

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Solar Power Generators 

When the power goes out you need reliable backup power to keep your critical appliances running. Our solar generators are safe to use indoors and are perfect for homes and apartments

We have solar generators from 3000-10,000 Watts (the amount of power it can handle) and from 100-400AH Battery Banks (amount of battery power available.) 
If you are unsure what what system you need we can easily help you find the right one for you!

*We Now have Pure Sine Wave Systems for use with sensitive medical equipment and electronics.

*If you don't see a generator that fits your needs contact us and we can customize one for you!

Free Shipping on all of our Solar Generators! *If You Are Not In The U.S or Canada Please Contact Us For Shipping Costs.

Be Prepared - For a Blackout or Natural Disaster



Please include your name and phone number, and let us know which system interests you, or what kinds of customization you might be interested in, and which application.  We'll have one of our specialists contact you.  




Blackouts are on the rise. Having a portable solar generator helps to protect you and your family by giving you reliable backup power when you need it.

• Solar Power is steady and dependable. Unlike the power grid, solar generators are a reliable source of power in any situation.

Natural Disasters

• Solar powered generators provides emergency backup power during power outages from storms, disasters, heat waves, etc. Don't rely on fuel generators during emergencies because fuel may be in short supply. 

• The frequency and intensity of natural disasters are increasing. Solar generators provide power in emergency situations that may last days or longer.

Featured Products: 


10,000 Watt 240V 200ah Solar Generator For Well Pumps & (2) 150 Watt Panels 
Our Price: $1,899.00
10,000 Watt 240V 300ah Solar Generator For Well Pumps & (3) 150 Watt Panels 
Our Price: $2,325.00
Portable 3000 Watt 100Ah Solar Generator & 100 Watt Solar Panel 
Our Price: $899.00
Portable 5000 Watt 100ah Solar Generator & 100 Watt Panel 
Our Price: $1,145.00
10,000 Watt Peak 240V/120V Solar Generator For Well Pumps & (3) 150 Watt Panels 
Our Price: $2,549.00
10,000 Watt Peak 400AH Solar Generator & (3) 150 Watt Panels 
Our Price: $2,495.00




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