Off Grid Consumer Report: Solar Outdoor Lights Can Save You A Fortune!

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Having grown up in California, I can remember even as a twelve year old, hearing about homes that installed solar panels to power their homes.  It has been one of those things that was just a little too expensive to produce, and not enough people wanted it to drive the costs down, and it wasn't profitable enough for the big conglomerates to buy into the idea.  In fact, for those already in the energy sector, it was a money loser to divert funds into solar techs.  

But today, we have an internet that has spread word around the world about what is hurting others, what is beneficial, what is cost effective, and what is wasteful, what is good advice, and what is not.  Even medical knowledge comes easily online, and many trips to the doctor are spared by "looking it up."  

Every year, the key to Christmas sales is to come up with the next great gadget, and this year, when the eyes of the world are fixated on the goal of sustainability and Grid-Free, what better cool contraption than solar powered outdoor lighting! 


Before I get into the details of these great ideas, let me touch first on a few disadvantages.  For instance, when you try putting them up on the outside of your house, you will better understand and realize that your home is sun-lopsided.  What I mean is that the sun is always on the south side of your house when you live in the northern hemisphere.  So if you put a solar powered light on the north side of your house, it will never receive direct sunlight.  It will sit in the shadow all the day long.  

But it is also upon doing this, that I realize the tremendous advantages of solar outdoor lighting! For instance, the amount of cost and labor necessary to install an extra circuit in the breaker box, and run wires to the outside of the home is tremendous!  Also, if you remember my article several weeks ago when I changed out all my light bulbs in the house with LED bulbs:  So Yesterday I Set Out To Replace My Bulbs, And This Was My Adventure, I discovered that those bright LED outdoor spot lights cost a whopping $30-$50 per bulb!  


Needless to say, the new solar lights that are going up all over the place save everyone a lot of money on their electric bill, on their wiring and installation costs, as well as the fact that one whole solar fixture costs less money that a single outdoor LED light bulb, and the solar lights use LED as well!  

Here were my experiences with four different styles I bought to try out:  Each picture of a light below is tied to the link where I bought it if you're interested in getting some of them.   Ooh look!  My package has arrived from Amazon!

$26.3771BJILimuZL._SL1500_.jpg                                   this town was abandoned in 1982.jpg$17.24

I layed them out in the sunlight to catch some rays on my front porch:


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