Off Grid Consumer Report: Solar Outdoor Lights Can Save You A Fortune!

Categories: Energy

Here are some beautiful installations of the Frostfire Light.  You may click on the picture to open a window with the link to buy them. They cost $15.95 apiece.

71H9M1K2iYL._SL1200_ (2).jpg

 This next video is a test of the Kootec Solar Motion Light with 32 LED Bulbs.  

The Kootec was my favorite light, since it was turning on right out of the box.  It seemed to stay on full brightness all the time in the dark, and not be motion effected.  It seems to capture enough solar even from the light inside the home to light up at night.  It's very conservative with its use of battery or something to make it a very functional product.  You may click its' picture below to be taken to the link where I bought it.  I paid $25.99 for this one. 



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