Solar Power In An Unexpected But Praiseworthy Location

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So as you may have noticed by my last few posts, I'm on vacation... a trip that took us from Oklahoma to Florida to see family, and I've been snapping pictures along the way of all the great off grid Ideas and concepts I see.  Coming back I couldn't help but route to Gatlinburg Tennessee, since I have some of my fondest vacation memories there.  I grew up in the mountains of California, and I feel at home in the woods above Gatlinburg.  


The Great Smoey Mountains National Park begins about half a mile up this road from where the above picture is taken


And this is just a bit of what you will see

Something I've noticed more and more is that along America's highways are more and more solar panels to power accessories by either construction crews, or stationary objects requiring power.   It's nice to see the government using solar power where it seems the best option rather than running wires underground.  In some of these instances it makes a lot of sense.  As solar comes down in price and technology improves, it is becoming the only option for many installations.  In this case, it's nice to avoid running power into the beauty of the wilderness when there are other options.  I'm glad to see them exploring that usage:






This installation sits behind the visitor center


The National Parks and their preservation is in my opinion, one of the greatest tasks of the U.S. government, and I'm glad to see it being done well here.  Most people who work in forestry, rangers, etc, are excited about the natural beauty, the wildlife, and it's preservation, and take everything they do to heart.  Kudos to those who manage this park for a job well done.



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