DIY Solar Power Off-Grid Swimmingpool Heater

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This cold summer has led me in the direction of heating the pool for free. I buy one thing every payday to improve this thing so that soon I can call it a solar pool furnace.   The harbor freight solar panels have 45 watts each. I have just connected three solar panels to get the pumps running at 8AM. Now the heat comes on one hour earlier. I have 600 foot of hoses heat my swimming pool so far. I have two dc pumps connected to two solar panels. Each pump is 45 watts each.

I get home from work about 3pm and the pool is at 72 degrees F and gets up to 75-76. I added an extra solar panel for fully optimize solar heat from sun up to sun down. Today is all overcast and the temp outside is 81 degrees. This means I’m heating the pool with ambient heat. The solar hoses are collecting the heat from the air and still heating the pool with 80 degree water. On the average day the water from the hoses runs into the pool at 82 F. On an all sunny day the water runs into the pool at 93 degrees F. These pumps run 109 gallons per hour each,  just like the one on the side bar.

I have two pumps and because of friction and resistance I’m thinking that the solar pumps are running about 200 gallons per hour. This will soon be considered a SOLAR SWIMMING POOL FURNACE and is going to be nothing less than amazing. I just ORDERED 300 FOOT MORE of  solar heater black hose. I want the swimming pool to be about 80 degrees. With 300 foot more of black sump pump solar hose for the solar pool heater furnace it will be at 900 foot of solar hoses. The solar hot water hoses will arrive about 22 July and I will then have 900 foot of solar heater hose. With 550 foot of solar pool heater hose I might get the desired results and disconnect the garden hose from the solar pool heater.

The next part of the project will be to cover the solar hoses with plexiglass.  I will buy one piece at a time because it is so expensive. This year I will most likely use clear packing tape and just tape them together. This will trap the heat in with the solar hoses. I expect the solar hot water to increase about 20 degrees F.

Just added 300 foot of solar hoses

I love to make free energy that lasts a lifetime. The results of the additional solar hoses will be enjoyed. I hope the solar pool heater hose will ensure that I can keep the pool up and warm two months per year. It was sunny till about 3 PM and the 200 gallons per hour delivered a promising 106 F until the clouds rolled in. I might just another water pump to run off another solar panel. The additional 3oo foot of solar hoses made quite a difference. The hottest water was 93 F and now it gets up to 106F. That means at 200 GPH of DIY Hot Water is is raised 4.3 degrees F for each additional 100 foot of 1 1/4 inch black sump pump hose.

off grid DIY solar pool heater hoses

I now have 550 foot on 1 1/4 solar hose and the rest is garden hose for a total of 900 foot of off grid DIY solar pool heater hoses. 


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